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Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

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Characteristic of our hybrid world and innovation's biggest obstacle. The challenge? Navigating the masses of complex, often hidden, data internally and externally while systematically ensuring that the right data, finds the right people at the right time.  

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Capability Gap

The gap between big complex data and organziation capability to extract value from that data, has and will result in continued lost opportunity. The challenge? Develop tools that bridge that gap effectively and efficiently. 

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Exponentially Increasing Threats

The variety & volume of threats, from the challenges posed to travel, financial services, and citizen safety, to the daunting task of managing vast volumes of complex data and the ever-growing flow of human mobility, require a proactive and innovative approach.

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Digital Risk 

To mitigate digital risk organizations across the globe need to put in place a multiplicity of processes and technology solutions that will consolidate identities and organizations’ data and systems in a single repository. All this while detecting suspicious and illegal activities, improving data quality, and effectively predicting and addressing crime.

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Protecting against cyber threats and ensuring the security of customer data is a major challenge for organizations that possess sensitive and valuable data.

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Accessing, managing, and extracting value from the enormous and rapidly increasing data web repository, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, was and is one the greatest challenges for organizations across all sectors.  

The Limitless Future of Data! 

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies,  robust infrastructure and a culture of innovation, RAKIA is poised to embrace and shape the future of Big Data, harnessing its potential to drive growth and create tangible value.

Every Corner of the World, Thousands of Users, in Real Time 


Dedication to
Ethical Conduct, Integrity, and Embracing Diversity. 

At RAKIA, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity when it comes to managing data. Our aim is to ensure that our data collection, analysis, and utilization processes are always transparent, secure, and respectful of individual rights and privacy. Our team of experts is dedicated to upholding the principles of professionalism and honesty in all aspects of our work, and we firmly believe that diversity in all its forms is a key driver of innovation and progress. We understand the enormous responsibility that comes with the use of data, and we are committed to using that power for the greater good. At all times, we prioritize ethics, integrity, and diversity in our decision-making process to ensure that we are always acting in the best interests of our customers and society as a whole.

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