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RAKIA is a world where organizations with critical and sensitive missions find their perfect partner. From every corner of the globe, they come seeking cutting-edge solutions that deliver unmatched results. We deliver data science acceleration, unprecedented multisensory fusion capabilities, predictive analytics, real-time responsiveness, easy integration, and 24/7 top-notch support. Our clients have trust in our commitment to excellence as we partner them in  transforming challenges into triumphs.


RAKIA reigns supreme in the realm of multisensory intelligence extraction, capable of handling infinite volumes of data from limitless sources. We are the maestros, orchestrating a seamless symphony of insights. Our workspace and rule engine adapt to your organization's unique needs and grow alongside your capabilities—all in real-time, without interruption, ensuring complete security and integrity. Powered by RAKIA's cutting-edge Big Data Platform, our solutions deliver actionable intelligence, addressing critical issues in national security, border control, immigration, customs, cybersecurity, risk management, and financial crime.

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Our mission - to revolutionize the world of intelligence solutions.

What sets us apart is not just our successful track record in executing large-scale projects, but our commitment to be true partners in every collaborative venture we undertake. At RAKIA, we understand the essence of transformation, identifying areas for improvement and delivering solutions that redefine possibilities and empower our customers to conquer their challenges.

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